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iPhone Gloves Are The Perfect Winter Accessory

Who goes anywhere with their cell phone? Neither rain nor sleet nor cold winter weather would cause me to leave my phone at home. But taking off my gloves every time I want to make a call or send a text is a real pain! While fingerless gloves are a great idea, now you even have more options…iPhone gloves! These gloves are specifically designed for using your smart phone in cold weather without having to remove your gloves. There are two different kinds of iPhone gloves you should know about.

Touch screen gloves have a special material in the fingertips that simulates touching the screen with your finger. They are extremely handy and very warm as all of your fingers are still covered. The only problem is you can’t text or use your phones push buttons without taking off your gloves.

Texting gloves or iPhone gloves are similar to regular fingerless gloves but have only one finger and the thumb uncovered. This frees up the fingers you need and keeps the rest of your hand warm and toasty.

Check out the styles below or click on them for more colors and selection. They make great gifts for men and women!

A Fingerless Frenzy

Winter Is The Time For Flip-Top Fingerless Gloves

Winter is coming on fast so it’s time to pack up those shorts and dig out those sweaters and coats. How about a new pair of fingerless gloves to start off the season? “What?” you say, “my fingertips will freeze off!” Not if you get a pair of warm flip-top gloves.

These gloves have a mitten top that flips over your fingers to keep them warm. They can easily flip back to a fingerless glove and allow you to check your messages, text your friends or make change at the drug store. Think of them as fingerless gloves with a hoodie! Flip-top fingerless gloves come in all different colors so there is one to match any outfit and prices to fit any budget. Check out our selection below or click on any item to find even more styles to choose from. When your hands are warm…your whole body is warm!

Halloween is Better With Fingerless Gloves

Halloween is coming fast! Do you have the fingerless gloves for your costume? We have everything you need for kids, Mom’s and everyone in between. Whether for a Hobo or Lady Gaga, fingerless gloves add that extra touch of realism…and they help keep hands warm on those cold Halloween nights. Mom might want a pair of flip-top gloves to keep her hands warm while escorting trick-or-treaters. A quick flip of the top and you’re ready to help with a costume adjustment, tie a shoe or open that candy bar you sneaked out of your kids bag! Halloween is just plain fun so I hope you all have a frighteningly good time!

Just Cashmere

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of fingerless gloves then look no further! Cashmere is simply the best material for anything that touches your skin, including fingerless gloves. They are soft, warm and have that elegant look that makes wearing them feel like a special occasion.

You don’t need any fancy designs or knitting when wearing cashmere gloves. Their quality and elegance speak for themselves. They are slim and attractive and never have extra strings or things hanging off the ends like some of the bulky knitted gloves you find at discount stores.

Check out our special selection below. With the quality of cashmere, all you need worry about is the color. Simple and beautiful. Take a look at these gloves. You’ll be glad you did!

This review is from: Black Pure 100% Cashmere Fingerless Half Finger Gloves (Health and Beauty)

  • These gloves are EXACTLY what I was looking for! I am a photographer that needs to be able to feel the buttons and settings on my camera without the slips that can happen when I wear regular gloves with fingers. I knew I’d need warmth and mobility and these gloves have it all! I also wanted gloves that didn’t unravel and were also long enough to keep my wrists warm. Buy these gloves, you won’t be disappointed!!

This review is from: Black Pure 100% Cashmere Fingerless Half Finger Gloves (Health and Beauty)


This review is from: Brown Pure 100% Cashmere Fingerless Half Finger Gloves

  • I bought these gloves because I wanted to have a warm pair of fingerless gloves without being bulky so I can work on the computer. the cashmere is really fine, soft and there are no strings hanging from the open fingers like the usual $4.00 pair of knitted gloves. I will keep these for best… Worth every penny.

This review is from: Charcoal Gray Pure 100% Cashhmere Fingerless Half Finger Gloves

  • These gloves are by far the most softest, warmest gloves I have ever worn. Would recommend highly and would grant the highest rating!

This review is from: Charcoal Gray Pure 100% Cashhmere Fingerless Half Finger Gloves

  • I bought these as a Christmas gift for a women I work with, and she just loves them. They are so soft and warm. Wonderful.

What are Flip Top Fingerless Gloves?

What are a flip-top fingerless gloves? They’re fingerless gloves with a flip-top mitten cover for those extra cold days when even your fingers need protective warmth! Sometimes called ‘hybrid’ gloves, they have a mitten cover that ‘flips over’ the fingers to keep them warm. When you need to use your fingers again, simply flip it back and you’re ready to send that text message or sign your name on the charge slip or any other activity that requires the use of your fingers. These are really the best of both worlds and at these prices, you can afford to get a couple different colors. Warmth has never been this useful AND attractive! Check out our selection for men and women.

Fingerless Gloves for Your Phone

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Fingerless Gloves for Shooters

Here’s a unique take on fingerless gloves. You actually see them a lot in 1st person video shooter games and even in Iraq soldiers. Protect your hands but make sure you can handle your weapon!

Fingerless Gloves Make All Things Possible

Fingerless gloves are the most flexible clothing accessory ever invented. I kid you not! Try this with your regular gloves.

Katy Perry Video

Katy Perry’s showing off a real nice pair of fingerless leather gloves in this performance of her Grammy winning ‘I Kissed a Girl’. Every time I watch this I can’t seem to take my eyes off those gloves!